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A simple and powerful app designed specifically for drawing

Tactilis combines the simplicity of a pencil with the power and flexibility of a computer to give you a unique experience, never seen in traditional media or modern drawing apps.

Features & Details

Draw first. Change colors later.

Independent Colors

Work on three colors independently. Show, hide or erase individual colors without having to manage different layers.

Smart texture

Unlike most apps that stamp a pencil point image along the stroke of pencil, Tactilis generates the pencil texture with a unique blend of transparency and noise.

Negative Pencil

Negative pencil is an eraser for single color. Unlike traditional or digital erasers that reduce opacity of all colors and destroy your texture, negative pencil lets you gradually and precisely reduce shade of a specific color.

Digital pencil with traditional feel

If your iPad supports Apple pencil, you will notice your strokes work just like a regular pencil, with presure sensitivity and tilt.

Intutive Color Picker

When you decide to change your palette, you will find a more intutive color picker based on Munsell Color System, that arranges color according to human perception of color, instead of using computer's language of red, green, blue channels.

Automatic Palettes

If you want to let the app pick your colors, you can select an automatic palette, that is both random, and also based on good rules for color palettes. You will get a unique palette, that is also pleasing to your eyes.

Download & get started today!

Tactilis is universal app for iPhones and iPads. Install it on your favorite device and have your drawings available on all your devices.



Tactilis Slate

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